Understanding Delays In Brazil

GuidaFor those who are fans of elephant bottoms, this one is for you. Guida’s bum is in the foreground and Miss Maia is further away in the tall grasses. We also have a story to help people understand delays in Brazil more, but of course had to at least give you a cute photo to go with it.

So…..we received a phone call yesterday stating that someone from the energy company was coming to the property and we needed to meet him to let him in. It was unclear why he was coming, but we met him at the gate to find out.

He had a draft of an electric installment that they were ready to do. We had hired a private company to install the electricity at the African barn a couple of months ago, but an additional pole needs to be installed, so we weren’t sure if that was it. We took him up to see the barn and looked at his proposal, which didn’t match at all. After a minute of examination we realized why not. It was plans to install the electricity at the Asian barn, which was done about two years ago (by a private company.)

We were able to laugh about it all because we didn’t wait on them to do the installation (obviously a good choice), but it goes to show just how long some things can take here. 

June 22, 2018



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  1. REPLY
    Debbie Sides says

    I can see why CITES is taking so long. Ths red tape must be frustrating waiting for everything to go through & be finalized so Ramba can be transported. Still donating for her. I’ll keep tweeting for help in her transport cost. Can’t wait to see her at ESB!

  2. REPLY
    Sherry Stewart says

    Sometimes it takes a long time to raise a happy trunk!!!!!!!

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