The Transport Container For Pelusa

Adjusting the container height for PelusaTime to adjust the transport container for Pelusa.

When we first made the containers for Maia and Guida they were made to meet flight specifications, just in case. Now that we know most of the elephants will be coming to sanctuary by truck, we are adjusting one of the crates. The other will stay as is for Ramba’s flight but this one is getting a bit of a lift.

Pelusa is a very tall lady, she would be quite intimidating if she weren’t so frail. Because we don’t have the same height limitations for road travel, we are increasing the height of the crate. This will not only work better for Pelusa, but in the future for Tamy and African elephants as well.

Pelusa’s future is still somewhat uncertain since we will have to decide whether she is healthy enough to travel once her CITES permits go through. As of now the plan is to make the modifications on her container and send it to the zoo for her to get a bit used to and then move forward from there.


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