Tomorrow Is The Day!!

firefighting fundraiser

Tomorrow is the day!! 

Please join us in raising funds for much-needed equipment to keep Rana, Maia and Guida’s home safe during the dry season. Not only will this equipment help with fire breaks, cutting down dry pastures and wetting down areas, but they all serve additional purposes year-round. Big equipment, big property, big jobs.

We will start the fundraiser off with a generous $10,000 match, for those of you who would like to double your gift. When the $10,000 is met, we will already be halfway to our overall goal!! For those who want to help win a $3000 bonus prize, we are focusing on getting the most ‘unique donations’ (multiple donations from the same person will only count once) between 7 pm and midnight CST. Last year our devoted supporters won GSE over $10,000 in bonuses- the potential is outstanding and what that kind of support means for our small organization is priceless.

Please give and share (our posts or make your own plea to your friends). The more people that know, the better chance we reach our goal. Thank you for helping to offer Maia, Guida, and Rana the best life possible. Thank you for helping us be ‘small but mighty’.¬†

May 1, 2109


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