Rana’s Time With Lady and Time With Maia


Rana spent most of yesterday with Lady. At dinnertime, we decided to feed Maia first and see if Rana wanted to follow to spend time with Maia or stay with Lady.

Unsurprisingly, Maia was by the pond (in 4). We headed that way slowly, keeping an eye on Rana. Rana seemed happy to follow. She was in a very affectionate and sweet mood all day yesterday, so we proceeded slowly and kept the four-wheeler within her line of sight on the way to the pond.

Kat was watching Rana and was on photo duty, while Scott drove the 4wheeler and kept his eyes peeled for Maia. At one point, Scott was idling the four-wheeler, waiting for Rana to catch up when Maia very quietly poked her head around a bush from about 60 yards away.

It was almost like peek-a-boo Maia. She was utterly still, not moving or coming towards her food. She had a weird smile on her face as she watched her humans closely. Once Scott started driving again, Maia headed straight for the food mobile as she typically does.

Photo: Maia, after she remembered that it was dinner time  😉 .

March 24, 2020


  1. REPLY
    Barb says

    I so enjoy hearing you describe the girls and their sweet and sometimes spunky personalities. The interactions are treasures to all that follow ESB.

  2. REPLY
    Nancy Shaw says

    I bet you both LOVE these moments !! 🙂

  3. REPLY
    Muriel Servaege says

    What a peaceful life those elephants have!

  4. REPLY
    JoAnn Merriman Eaton says

    Loving these play by play antics of these girls!!

  5. REPLY
    Sherry says

    A bright moment in a troubled world. Thank you, GSE.

    • REPLY
      Kelejan says

      You are right, Sherry, Bright moments in this troubled world. We are lucky that GSE takes the time to share these wonderful moments with us.

  6. REPLY
    Juan C Echeverri says

    Did I miss the moment when Lady lost her fear of the other elephants and now hangs out with Rana ? Do they just stare at each other or do they move around?

    • REPLY
      EleComposer says

      No, she is still not comfortable with the other elephants. She spends time in the yard with Rana but has never spent time without a fence between her and Maia. When she spends time with Rana, sometimes she is more relaxed than other times. It just depends. They do move around, they don’t just stand there and stare at each other. 😉 Rana does more of the moving, but Lady does move a little bit especially if Rana is sleepy and napping. But she is definitely not comfortable around the other girls. It’s a very deep-rooted fear that will take a long time to work through.

  7. REPLY
    carey says

    thanks for that, as has been said a ray of sun shine in troubling times. That is a very wonderful photo – is it Lady or Rana?

    • REPLY
      EleComposer says


  8. REPLY
    Heidi says

    I wonder what was going through Maia’s miind! Perhaps elephants like a little game of hide-and-seek now and then. I agree with the others – these stories are a bright spot during these trying times. For a moment, I can leave the narrow confines of my world and fly to Brazil to enjoy play time with the elephants.

  9. REPLY
    Juan C Echeverri says

    Thank you! Thoroughly appreciate the quick response. I´m a big fan of all your posts.

    • REPLY
      EleComposer says

      You are so welcome, Juan. Thank you!

  10. REPLY
    SHEILA says

    yes! i think maia ?was in a lil game playing mode!! hiding in the bush by the pond waiting for the food truck to arrive‼️ smart lil maia i say just having a bit of fun!! nice that lady is still having company of rana alot of the day !! it appears lady? is. ok with ?rana, she stays fairly close to fence and rana!

  11. REPLY
    Rosie P says

    I agree that these posts are a break from the crisis we all face at this time. Each day I “visit” ESB and feel the stress evaporate! A little bit of Heaven in a messed up world. Hugs for everyone and be safe so we can rescue many more of these amazing creatures. Will Mara’s rescue happen soon???

    • REPLY
      EleComposer says

      We are trying to stay on track with things & no official changes have been made to the original plan. We are hopeful the trip will proceed on schedule. But things are changing very quickly around the world right now and we are keeping abreast of the situation in Argentina and Brazil. At the same time, we are brainstorming with authorities in both countries to develop a secondary plan if needed. We will announce any definitive changes if they occur.

      • Rosie P says

        Thank you so much for the reply. I know we are all hoping that Mara’s rescue will happen and you are trying so hard to make that a reality but, above all, please be safe. We need you, the elephants need you, the world needs you and your families need you.
        Much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. REPLY
    Lori Hoover says

    I can see in my mind’s eye the enjoyment Maia must have had at her surprising peek a boo move on Scott, and maybe, Rana, too? Then again, Rana could probably smell how close Maia was. She must have been having a private little laugh to have forgotten, even for one second, that dinner was the reason for all of this. I can just imagine her thinking: Oh yeah, dinner, and going back on autopilot towards the 4 wheeler. I am glad that Rana chooses to continue her time with both Lady and Maia. I admit, I am fascinated at the new relationship between Maia and Rana. The above picture of Maia fits perfectly with: Oh yeah, dinner, better get moving, HA!!

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