Three Elephants Enjoying Time Together

Now that we’ve had some rain, the elephants have livened up quite a bit. They seem to be having more and more random parties for small reasons – or reasons we aren’t privy to. Either way, there are happy gatherings and vocalizations which we can hear all the way up the hill. 

Oftentimes, we check on the girls if we’re hearing abnormal vocalizations or an unexpected number of trumpets or rumbles, just to make sure that everyone is doing well. As we’ve mentioned before, sometimes by the time we get to where the elephants are, they have already finished their parties and have gone back to grazing or enjoying the day. 

That scenario is reflected in this video because, just before we started filming, there was a great, celebratory ruckus. Rana had been getting her treatment after breakfast and was reunited with Mara and Bambi when she was done. You can see Mara and Rana together, being rather affectionate with each other and Bambi walks into the frame at the end. Even though we didn’t capture their trumpeting this time, there were many short occurrences that continued throughout the afternoon.

P.S.: A new episode of Global Rumblings is out this week. In Episode 21, Kat and Scott continue sharing about Ramba’s journey once at Parque Safari, her temporary home before arriving to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. You can listen to this episode and any others that you may have missed through our website or your streaming platform of choice


  1. REPLY
    Tammy says

    It’s party time 🥳 gotta love these girls they can find joy and happiness in anything! We humans should be the same way too just be happy and thankful for what you’ve got around you…🙏💞

  2. REPLY
    Bill says

    Just singing and dancing in the rain

  3. REPLY
    Terry says

    I’m happy to hear the rain has arrived, the sanctuary is being cleansed, and the girls are so happy!!!! It has been raining and now snowing in my neck of the woods as I enjoy the podcast!!!

  4. REPLY
    Carey says


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