This Is Bugsy “Tarra Helping”

This is Bugsy ‘Tarra helping’. Dirt stalls are great, but they have to be dug out, cleaned and replaced. Although our girls are rarely in the barn, it’s still something that needs to be done to ensure the best foot and joint health. As Scott digs, Bugsy relocates his pile. 

‘Tarra helping’ is a term we use regularly, even to make fun of each other. It stems from back in TN when Tarra would pretend to help with something when she was not remotely being helpful at all. Like when the water trailer would get stuck in the habitat by her. As you tried to get it unstuck, she would come over and ‘push’, but she never pushed, she just pretended, even made a face like she was exerting force, but it was just a way for her to get close. If she actually helped, the person would leave when unstuck, so instead she would ‘Tarra help’. She was amazingly and wonderfully cute like that.

The other day, the gate in the barn got stuck and Guida came over. We have extensions on the gate, so you’re not next to the elephants when opening and closing them. I asked if she was coming to help as she leaned her head on the gate, making it impossible to move and then rumbled. It seems she knows exactly what ‘Tarra helping’ is.

Today it was Bugsy’s turn. Him and Minnie love fresh dirt, so I’m sure there was lots of jumping, running and digging that helped Scott out tremendously. 

October 6, 2018

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