They All Function At Their Own Pace



Can you tell it’s getting darker out earlier? But it makes for gorgeous lighting during dinner photos.

When we post photos of Maia and Guida, people sometimes ask, ‘Where’s Rana?’ and this is a question we have recently stopped answering. We try and answer all questions, but this one feels like it puts an unrealistic pressure on the three to always be together and a suggestion as if there’s something wrong if Rana chooses to be alone. We understand the desire for them to be close friends, but their relationship will develop as all three need it to. We try to balance out the posts, so there is something for each elephant, and we’ll continue to do that.

Although the photo from last night is only Guida, the three girls were all about 50 yards from each other. The picture ended up being of Guida because she was fed last. With that being said, the girls all started out in different places and converged at the pond. Maia came from the North, up by the hidden pasture, Guida was in the woods down from the pond, and Rana was coming up Middle road. While they do enjoy spending time together, they all function at their own pace, and at times, they choose to make themselves the priority. ❤️

May 23, 2019


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    Kelejan says

    Just like we humans do not always want to be together but need some alone time.

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