These are Truly Elephant DaZe

Story by Phyllis

Two years ago I was invited to create a life-sized baby elephant art sculpture for an art show. I knew a lot about art, but I didn’t know anything about elephants (not even that Asian and African elephants were distinct). I’m a quick study. I became so immersed in the plight of the elephant and outraged by the poaching and enslavement elephants endured, that I decided to create a film ELEPHANT DAZE. After meeting, filming and being educated by dozens of the world’s top conservationists, I now know too much. Every day I’m consumed by creating advocacy and media to gather others to help save this charismatic megafauna whom humans need for their own survival. I’m late to the party, but I’m never leaving. Thank you to all who support elephant conservation!


  1. REPLY
    Phyllis Stuart says

    THANK you so much for saving elephants, which is a life well-spent. Given elephants garden the rainforest (dispersing seeds to 90 species), and given elephants dig water holes, and create wildlife corridors, many other animals depend upon them for survival. Humans are also a species that rely upon elephants for survival…we need oxygen to live and rainforests produce 28% of the world’s oxygen…if you like air save elephants, please! Besides they are VERY cool.

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