The Tapirs Let Us Know They’re Okay

Believe it or not, we still have plenty of mangoes on the property. So many of the animals around eat their fill, even when we humans tire of them. Tapirs are big fans of the fruits and make their way into the area in search of the best ones – though generally at night. 

The tapirs don’t consider this their home and, because they were rescue and release animals, it’s best they don’t. However, they do feel safe coming by when they need medical attention. George came back a couple of weeks ago (yes – George finally left us and went back home) with a wound on his crest. It didn’t look like the result of an animal attack, so we suspect he had an unfortunate encounter with some barbed wire from a nearby farm. Kat always seems to have better luck with treating George, because he is not a big fan of men. But he is almost fully healed at this point and on his way back out into the world. 

About a week after George appeared, Sassy showed up in the middle of the night. She didn’t stay, but we do see her every once in a while. Sassy has a distinctive look – not quite as feminine as other female tapirs. We rarely see Arya, who is easy to identify because she has a soft look. But even she popped up a few nights ago for some mango treats.

Most of the time we don’t know they’ve come by unless we hear their little cricket chirps. But, it is nice to know they are doing well, even if we don’t see them.

Arya, sneaking by in the dark


  1. REPLY
    Patricia says

    I love them. Thanks for this! 💗🥭💗

  2. REPLY
    Debbie Sides says

    Do you have capybaras that come around? I think they’re so cute too like the tapirs.

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      We have seen them relatively near the property (within a few miles), but not here at the sanctuary.

  3. REPLY
    Katie Howard says

    Tapirs and mangoes and elephants! Oh my! 😄

  4. REPLY
    Rachel says

    What a sweet post – thanks for the update and providing help when the tapirs need it. You folks are so awesome. 💝

  5. REPLY
    Sunny says


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