The “Powerpuff Girls” Vocalize

Recently, Lady was spending time in Yard 3 by the barn and the other five elephants were hanging out in the other two adjoining yards. Guillermina was being particularly silly, but she didn’t want to go anywhere by herself. Normally, you can call her and she’ll readily head in your direction. But on this morning, she wanted to stay near Bambi and Mara. Maia didn’t really seem interested in playing or having company, but Bambi was. So, eventually both Guille and Bambi went together to have some training sessions. 

This video reflects what happened when the gates were opened between Yards 1 and 2, where the five girls were located. We couldn’t tell what, if anything, happened to cause the vocalizations. But, as Guille passed Mara and Rana they trumpeted and caused a lot of drama. Once she heard her friends trumpeting and rumbling, Bambi ran toward her friends to see what the commotion was about. The three of them stayed together for quite some time enjoying the afternoon. All was calm after this and the “Powerpuff Girls” had a mini-reunion.

P.S.: In today’s podcast, find out what happened after last week’s cliffhanger about Ramba


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    John says

    I love these “vocal” videos. There seem to be so many nuances in the different sounds. The girls never cease to amaze and delight me.

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