The Powerpuff Girls in the Rain

Lady was recently showing some interest in moving around the habitat a little bit, so we opened up access to the yards by the barn for her; that gave her some new territory to explore and she could be near the barn for foot soaks and treatments. 

This also gave us the chance to open up Yard 5 for the other elephants so that they could roam and likely appreciate a change of pace. During this time, the caregivers and staff took the opportunity to empty and clean out the bottom layer of dirt in the pond in Yard 4l. Of course, since it needed to stay dry to be able to move the dirt and not turn into a giant slip and slide, a huge rainstorm arrived during the process. 

After the large equipment was moved, Lady shifted over into Yard 4, which she’s been seeming to enjoy. She might have been a little disappointed in the empty pond situation, but there was still plenty of squishy mud for her to play in. The rain started to fill the pond some so, at the very least, Lady had a large-sized mud wallow to play in. Although the pond is too large to fill by pumping water into it, it usually fills quickly once the rains come. And we know some of our more “high maintenance” ladies will appreciate the cleaning.

Pond fun was on the agenda for the other ladies as well. While Lady was quite comfortable in her space, the other girls were in and out of the pond in Yard 5, especially Maia. Bambi and Guille stayed near her for a lot of the afternoon. Here you can see the “Powerpuff Girls” standing together, being calm and light while enjoying the shower. You can see that Mara is making a puddle for one and tossing some mud on her head. Sometimes, some of the best fun happens when it rains. 


  1. REPLY
    Luanne L Schick says

    Watching the powder puff girls and all precious babies, my question, where do they go at nite, because I notice the fence is not very high. What about predators?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      They go wherever they want at night, depending on what yard they’re staying in. The fence is definitely high enough to keep them in and there are no predators that could do any real harm to the elephants in the area. But they are free to roam in the evening just as they are during the day.

  2. REPLY
    Suzanne Eaton says

    It makes me so happy to see our rescue girls enjoying life together. Thank you for sharing.
    PS – was that thunder we heard in the video?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      It absolutely was thunder in the video!

  3. REPLY
    Melinda says

    So much fun and happiness, so little time, for the girls to enjoy!

  4. REPLY
    John says

    It’s always interesting to see how they act in the rain. It obviously changes their mood or whatever you’d call it. I imagine it feels wonderful on their skin.

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