The News You and Elephants Have Been Waiting For

We are extremely excited to be able to announce the property we hope will be the home of Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, with your help.

We are in the final stages of working with the lawyers, checking every last corner to make sure the elephants’ space is legally protected. As soon as we receive the ok, we will sign the final contract with the landowner and will be able to start construction right away.

The land is a stunning 2,800-acre property in Chapada dos Guimarães, Brazil. Chapada is a small town in the exact center of South America, known for its beautiful parks, abundant wildlife and gorgeous cliffs. This property will give back so much of what elephants need to live a life that stimulates them both physically and psychologically. The topography is very diverse, offering fields, plateaus, hills ranging from moderate to challenging, rock faces, and lots of nooks and valleys to explore. There are numerous fresh springs, streams, and creaks throughout the property, and the water is fabulous. There are areas of dense forests that offer cooling temperatures but also trees throughout the fields, offering a short reprieve or nap from grazing. Due to the hills and cliff faces, the land is also very protected; it is a secure little piece of paradise nestled amongst the beautiful backdrop of Brazil.

Chapada has the warmest daytime average high of 85°F in October and the coldest nighttime average low of 55°F in July. Along with optimal temperatures, there is a constant refreshing breeze that blows throughout the hills and valleys. Chapada has a short enough dry season that the fields will remain green throughout the year, allowing for year round grazing and foraging for the elephants. The ideal temperatures mean there will be no need for elephants to return to a barn at any point in the year, unless they desire to seek shelter in our open-air medical centers or shelters. This means a much more of a natural life for the elephants, and with the reduced development and operational cost it means more funding that is able to be put directly towards the care and rescue of elephants.





In order to be able to begin rescuing elephants, we will need to complete the first phase of development on the property. This first phase has a cost of $450,000, which may be reduced drastically if we are able to receive a donation of used drill pipe that will be used towards fencing (the biggest expense). This first phase will enable us to immediately accommodate 4-6 elephants comfortably, depending upon species, gender, and compatibility. This first phase includes:


  • Down payment for the land
  • 2 adjoining 20 acre corrals
  • A 2-stall elephant medical care center with training area and restraint chute
  • Security fencing
  • Necessary infrastructure

The property already includes 2 modest homes to allow for caregivers to live on grounds to provide 24-hour care and security.

If a problem arises with the title of this property at the last minute, we already have two backup properties ready and waiting. Elephants in South America need an alternative now, and together we can help provide them with not only an alternative, but somewhere they can live naturally, on expansive diverse space, where they are treated with the respect and patience needed, allow elephants that have struggled through a life of captivity to heal and rediscover themselves. Once the initial elephants arrive and settle in, we will continue to grow, building more fences, constructing additional medical centers and reaching out to help more elephants in need. A new life for captive elephants from South America is just a trunks reach away.

To help make a big impact for the elephants waiting for sanctuary, you can make a donation here.  Or to donate with PayPal you can donate here.

If you have questions, please post them in the comment section underneath. We would love any excuse to talk more about the property or the future of Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.


  1. REPLY
    Judi R. says

    Outstanding news – Congratulations!! Can’t wait to see Ramba in her new forever home and meeting new ele-friends. May 5 is on my calendar.
    Thank you for all your dedicated work!

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      Thank you. It definitely did not initially go as planned, but few things in life do. We still have a few weeks before final paperwork is signed, but we will definitely need the support to build fences and build a new home not only for Ramba but other elephants here that are just waiting. If all goes well, Ramba won’t be alone for very long when she gets here. First thing is we need to file for custody of her, although we relocated her from circus, have physically taken care of her and are still involved in her daily care from a distance, she essentially is owned by the government of Chile right now.

  2. REPLY
    Marina Monassa says

    I heard about this project today, and it’s making me so happy knowing that someone coould stand up for these elephants!

    The place looks incredible, and so beautiful.

    It’s a little far from my two homes since I like between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, but if the project ever needs anything from both cities I’d be greatful to help you with accomodation, transportation, connections (if I’m able to), and what else you may need.

    This project is really amazing, keep up!

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      Thank you for your generosity Marina, there are always additional ways people can help and connections are a phenomenal thing to have. We are happy to be able to build a sanctuary in Brasil. Everyone we speak with has been very supportive and we hope they will be proud to be home to the only elephant sanctuary in South America.

  3. REPLY
    Nicola Finch says

    Dear Kat and Scott and the rest of your dedicated crew.
    This is Really exciting news!! Keeping eyes and fingers and toes crossed that this property is the one! Thank you so much for your ongoing work in the face of so many challenges.
    Will be dropping in to help out on May 5th and hoping you hit the Big Payback Jackpot!!
    Thank you so much for your dedication to Elephant Sanctuary!
    Much love.

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      Thanks Nicola, we have been trying not to get too excited for a little while, but every day it becomes more real. We are so looking forward to being able to help elephants and provide them with such an amazing place for them to call their lifelong home. The Big Payback just announced a nice bonus for most donations between 7PM CST and Midnight CST, so it may be something to strive for. Every dollar helps, and many of the bonuses are quite substantial. I think we will all have our fingers crossed until we step on grounds 😉

  4. REPLY
    Sherry Owens says

    Hi Kat,

    Congratulations on the Brazil site. What a wonderful refuge for those magnificent elephants! I will be with you in spirit on May 5th, as I make a contribution, and good luck on that Jackpot! The grandchildren are doing great! Sherry O.

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      Hi Sherry, yes the land is truly stunning, warm, peaceful and would be such a blessing for elephants from all over. We are beyond excited. The Big Payback is a chance to raise even more money and make this all happen as quickly as possible for the elephants that are waiting for somewhere to go, the timing was perfect. Glad to hear the grandkids are well, we added a new book to the reading list, about male elephants, if they’re interested. Thank you for everything.

  5. REPLY
    Anoja Perera says

    Thank you for all that you are doing! I made a small contribution today. I hope I will be able to keep contributing in the future. Wish you the very best!

  6. REPLY
    Anonymous says

    With each passing day,
    Sway away sway.
    In th hot burning sun
    Sway away sway
    In th storms, with not enough hay,
    Away they sway.
    Some with only th rhythm of th chain clink or crackle electrical link,
    Sway away sway.
    Patiently & silent they pray
    With each sway.
    For sweet Scott to come & say, today is th day 🙂
    I’ve come to take u away.
    I’ve found a beautiful & safe expanse of land for U to browse, wander & nap away each & every day!

    • REPLY
      Marlena Azevedo says



  7. REPLY
    EFS says

    Wonderful news. Congrates!

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