The Heaviest Head in All of the World

Rana and Mara

The elephants love to take morning naps. While they remain awake for morning treatment (most of the time), standing still and being hand-fed fruit (as treats) can be quite exhausting…or at least they act that way.

The other morning, after treatment, sleepy Mara walked over to the fence and threw her trunk over it. Using the base of her trunk close to the underside of her upper jaw, she rested all of the weight of her head on the fence. It gave her a super cute scrunched face. Not to be left out, Rana walked over and rested her head on Mara’s side and took a standing nap with her friend as (literal) support. It was super cute – we didn’t take pictures because we didn’t want to disturb them. Kat joked that Mara must have (or thinks she has) the heaviest head in all of the world. It is pretty big for an elephant.

Once their nap-time was over, Scott tried to lead them out of Yard 1 into Yard 5, so the team could clean the area. After they made it past the mud wallow (which is a 1-minute walk), they decided they needed another nap. Once Scott stopped trying to shift them, Mara spent some time splashing in the mud wallow, and Rana found a flake of hay left in the yard and started eating it.

It seems like Mara has already learned what we mean when we say “elephant time,” and it looks like they both had a lovely morning with their best friend.

Photo of Mara & Rana enjoying a meal – Rana is closer to the camera, and Mara is behind her.

June 7, 2020


  1. REPLY
    Sherry says

    The elephant way. I love their ways.

  2. REPLY
    Julie says

    I agree Sherry. Elephants seem to instinctively know what’s really good and important in life. ❤️

  3. REPLY
    Sheila says

    Oh yes! Im sure rana has told mara!This new paradise is a heaven no worries ever❗️no fear! Lots of treats! Big jungles!Water mud ponds! Friends! Nice humans! Sleep and nap where u like! Just do as u like mara! We have each other and. We r blessed and rana would be right! Thank u ges brazil scott! Kat and all ur team wonderful work u do for the ladies?

  4. REPLY
    Paula says

    Hermosa Mara ?
    Te mando todo mi amor desde lejos, que alegría saber que ya no vives en Buenos Aires!
    Sigue disfrutando de tu “tiempo de elefante”, ya estás en tu hogar❤

  5. REPLY
    Careyt says

    So funny! It must briung you so much contentment to see them like this.

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