The Healing Ability of Sanctuary is Almost Unfathomable


With most of the talk about Ramba’s rescue, we still want to share the other two lovelies already here at the sanctuary. Today is Rana’s turn. No matter how many years and how many elephants you work with, each day is still full of moments of amazement and beauty. The perfect light, a cute smile, a silly hay hat, sleepy softness-snippets of time that repeatedly cause you to become more present and connected.

It is during those times, that even to us, the healing ability of sanctuary is almost unfathomable. We live it, and we see the difference it makes (otherwise we wouldn’t be here), but every elephant seems to uncover a different layer of how sanctuary saves them. And for this property, it’s not just the elephants, it’s all of the wildlife who have found a natural and protected space amongst the cattle and agricultural farms.

It may sound hokey to some, but when you are here, looking upon the property and feeling this home, there is no doubt this land is sacred. We thank you for helping us create this refuge and for all of the elephants you have and will help share this life with. 

October 4, 2019


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  1. REPLY
    Kelejan says

    She is beautiful.

  2. REPLY
    alana says

    I can feel the magic from here. A very special place indeed!

  3. REPLY
    Maggie says

    Thank you for sharing with us. We love and trust you in every decision you make. We love our two girls Miss Maia and RanaBug so much…..but we are waiting for the other lady in our lives Miss Ramba to join the herd. ??????

  4. REPLY
    Sherry says

    ……….and the love the elephants show you everyday makes your work all worth while!

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