Future Of The Zoo Where Pelusa Passed

PelusaThe La Plata Zoo, where Pelusa passed away, has announced they will be closing their doors and converting to a BioPark. This should require them to relocate all of their ‘exotic’ species.

The article is in Spanish, although it’s still worth a look. Some rough translations of quotes from the piece…  

“The idea of ​​enclosing wild animals and living in captivity for exhibition purposes is a paradigm that is being abandoned around the world. Therefore, we decided to keep the doors of this zoo closed” -Secretary of Environmental Management

“As a society we must apologize to you, Pelusa. Your story reaffirms to us that zoos should not exist anymore and that wild animals, of whatever kind, should never live in captivity or for exhibition purposes”– La Plata politician

The article also talks about rehoming some of the animals. Their three big cats will be going to the Wildlife Sanctuary in Denver. Fondation Franz Weber will be assisting in finding the best possible homes for their animals.

June 8, 2018

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    Debbie Sides says

    I wish that were true of all zoos. Closing down and sending the residents to true sanctuaries. I will miss Pelusa and the only comforting thought is that she is finally at peace.

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