The Choice is Theirs


Miss Maia up front with a Guida lump in the background. 

The girls are doing very well and alternating between all three of them spending time together and Rana going off on her own. The day after the rain storm was the first day that all three girls essentially spent the entire day together. Whenever we went out to check on them, they were all within a couple of elephant lengths from each other, relaxing and grazing. The next day they spent a few hours together and then they barely saw each other the day after that.

Part of Sanctuary is autonomy, it is the choice not to be together if they would rather not. When Maia, Guida, and Rana are close, we may encourage them to interact if they seem like they are in a good mood and it might be beneficial. But we don’t make them stay together, and there are times they choose not to. Our only goal in those moments is to attempt to foster positive interactions so they become more of the ‘normal.’ The girls are the ones that ultimately decide how their relationship evolves.

January 21, 2019


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    Sherry says

    Well, I am just like an elephant; sometimes I want to be alone and sometimes with my buddies!
    Have a happy day!

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