Thank You to Everyone Who Has Already Given Towards Ramba’s Rescue

Maia and Rana

Thank you to everyone who has already given towards and shared Ramba’s ongoing rescue fundraiser, to bring her to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil and join these two lovely ladies-Rana and Maia.  Visit Ramba’s page here to learn more and to donate →

To update everyone on numbers, since announcing last week, you have donated $32,9111. There is one $500 spot left on a crate sticker. You can also still have your gift count towards our generous 10K match- there is about $2000 remaining on the match. The total doesn’t include the $10,000 donated for the match, that will be added once the match is met. We are on our way!!!

We hope to have final numbers next week, so everyone can follow along with what is still needed and how close we are to her goal. They may need adjustments along the way because we are trying to get the landing fees and taxes waived, along with trying to get parts of ground transportation donated.

Please continue to share her fundraiser and our posts. Facebook shares with less than 5% of our followers, and Ramba will need more people to see it and support her rescue in order for her to come home to Brazil.

As for these girls, the photo is from this morning. Scott and Shirlei were out with Maia, and Rana showed up and decided to join them. They are continuing to bond at their own pace and making us all proud in the process. 

August 8, 2019


  1. REPLY
    Sherry says

    The elephants need to know they are there for each other. They have emotions just like us!

  2. REPLY
    Carey says

    Hi I have donated, I thought it would go toward the 10,000 so that it would match the 10,000 gift. Bit confused by all the different streams, do you have the $10,000 for that match plus$ 32,911? Thanks so much

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      Hey Carey, with all of the different numbers it is a little confusing. Your donation did go towards the $10,000 match. What we were trying to convey is that the $32,911 total didn’t include the match being added. So once the match is met, which it is, the total would go up. At this point I believe we’re at (with the match added) around $45,000. Hopefully that makes sense 😉

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