Ask Us Anything!

Today we’re announcing an upcoming “Ask Us Anything” segment, where you can send us questions that you may have wondered about, but never asked. Feel free to ask silly questions, big-picture questions, or anything sanctuary or animal-related that comes to mind. We may not be able to answer all of…...

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Sanctuary Magic: Night Feeds

Night feeds have become a special time at the sanctuary. Even when the girls are being silly, there is a relaxed and peaceful feeling to them that can’t be recreated during the day. Even Scott, who is traditionally a morning person, loves these moments....

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Rana Is Growing More and More Hair!

Rana is growing more and more hair. We posted about it a few months ago, but her hair has continued to grow thicker and heavier. When she arrived, she was hairless. She has always been a distinct-looking elephant with her hairless body and beautifully smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Now she is…...

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