sanctuary life

Frozen Treats on Hot Days

It is currently the hottest time of the year in Mato Grosso. In order to make sure the girls stay cool, we give them frozen treats like elephant-sized Gatorade or Pedialyte “popsicles”. We also cut up pieces of fruit to freeze and offer them during snack time, when we also…...

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Sunset at the Sanctuary

“When you look away from the sun, everything else is illuminated.”       – Derek DelGaudio, In and Of Itself We just wanted to share a pure, honest moment of life at sanctuary. Here, Mara and Bambi had come to the barn for dinner and a check-up and were…...

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Like It or Not, It’s Jackfruit Season

This time of year brings an abundant amount of mangoes, but we also get heaps of jackfruit. It can be a divisive type of fruit; it seems that people either love it or they hate it. It has a profoundly sweet aroma that you can smell from 20-yards away, which…...

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