Ramba’s Rescue

Ramba Looking Great and Exploring The Habitat

Ramba in the habitat

We were going to do another video,  but we are without power so not sure when we will get a chance to do that. But we will look for an opportunity.

We just want you to know that everything is good and moving in a positive direction. Ramba looks great. No touching yet still, it’s really kind of funny, but Ramba and Rana are doing a lot of very close interactions. And everybody looks nice and calm.

Rana looks a little bit tired and Maia is about to come back to the barn. So we’re going to do her treatment and see how things evolve. But overall things are looking good! ❤️

photo: Ramba exploring

October 21, 2019


And Miss Maia this morning also out in the habitat:

Maia out in the habitat






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The Gate Between Ramba and Rana has Been Opened!

Everything is going good! Ramba and Rana had a good night. Everyone is rested, not fully rested, but much better. Rana spent most of the night inside even though she had access in and out. Ramba spent most of the night outside but it looks like they were back-and-forth a lot. They have had good interactions this morning, but no physical touch yet. We did decide to open up the gates between them at which point Rana went over towards Ramba and turned around, she was really submissive as she approached. Ramba walked up and almost touched, they had a little interaction and then Ramba went exploring further into the second yard. She had been looking at the gates, and now that the gates are open she is like oh great, now I can go explore more space. They are both chilling. Ramba is back in the trees exploring the second yard and Rana is eating all the hay and palms that were left in the first yard under the shade tree. 😂 During this introduction Rana will gain a hundred pounds while Ramba just wants to go for a walk. Ramba will most likely return to the mud wallow where Rana is hanging out and there will surely be other interactions.

What’s really nice is that Rana obviously learned a lot from her meeting Maia and Guida and being that pushy needy friend who won’t give you any space. She is not doing that at all with Ramba although you can see that she is very very excited to meet her, and is definitely showing restraint versus doing what she would like, but she’s really cute about it and being good. She’s letting Ramba go her on way and explore and do what she needs to do. It’s quite charming. They are both very funny. 

What we do from this point forward is just let it be organic. Just let it develop. They have space together, they have access together, and we will just watch how the interactions evolve. Again, they are both being really really good. Ramba is good, she’s curious, you can see a great little cheeky smile on her face, and then she says, OK, I need a minute to adapt to this or to absorb this. And then she walks away.

Where Ramba is now, she actually would have an opportunity to meet up with Maia along the common fence, but we haven’t seen Maia anywhere close by, so she has been hanging out in the back of the property totally doing her thing not for any other reason then she wants to be in the back of the property. It’s not like she’s trying to stay away or anything like that. She’s just in her own little space which is beautiful and good. And they’re going to evolve by their choice. ❤️

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Ramba’s First Night and Day at Sanctuary

We have a number of videos to share with you of Ramba’s first steps into sanctuary (above).  Her first steps outside of the care center. And her first encounters with Rana.  All is very very well.  Enjoy.  ❤️

October 19, 2019


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Ramba and Rana at the Fenceline!

Ramba and Rana first encounter

Ramba and Rana have met at the fenceline! They are both being very respectful, checking it out, learning about each other a little bit. Cute and wonderful!

We will post more video as soon as possible.

October 19, 2019

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Ramba is Home!

Just a very quick update to let you all know that Ramba has arrived at the sanctuary and to share the first brief Facebook Live video.

We will be back with more updates later.  She’s home!!

October 18, 2019


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Ramba’s Caravan Through Campo Verde

They were hoping to be here by now but there was a lot of construction on the road to Campo Verde. They’re wrapping up at their last stop, getting back on the road and hoping to arrive in the next 2-3 hours. This stretch is almost all dirt roads, so it’s slow.

At the pit stop Ramba drank and bathed. She ate the corn that one of the cars stopped to buy off of the side of the road, along with some watermelon, pineapple, and other fruits and veggies. Sweet grandma is ready to be on solid ground.

We will see you soon.

October 18, 2019

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