rainy season

Our Shifting Herd Dynamics

As part of our shifting herd dynamics, Mara, Rana, and Maia have been seen together multiple times the past few days. There have been a few cute moments between the three girls, and it’s encouraging to see the three spending time together relaxed and clearly enjoying each other’s company. In…...

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Oh How They Wander

It’s been cool and rainy here, which means all the elephants have been more active during the day and wandering a lot more in general. This trend is especially evident with Mara, who has been exploring so much these past few weeks. When Mara decides it’s time to wander, she…...

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Rainy Season and “Mud Days”

It’s the rainy season, so there is lots of mud everywhere all of the time. There’s been more rain than usual the past few days, and the elephants designated one day as “mud day” (or at least it seemed that way). Bambi and Rana were in the same yard, with…...

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