protected contact

Protected Contact Management

Recently, we have been asked numerous times if we ever ‘pet’ the elephants here at ESB, and it’s a great educational question. The short answer is yes, but only when they initiate and desire the contact. While the question stems from a curiosity about affectionate touch, it also has a…...

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For the Love of Elephants

When it comes to debates about ‘protected contact’ versus ‘free contact’ and what constitutes a loving relationship between caregivers and elephants, people tend to hold very strong opinions. Those in the ‘free contact’ camp believe that a caretaker cannot have a strong bond with an elephant without unprotected touch. In…...

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Ramba’s Feet And How They Relate To Other Captive Elephants

In the elephant world, you often hear mentions of foot care and foot health. You might have heard stats like “Foot disease is the leading killer of elephants in captivity” or “50% of elephant mortality in captivity is due to foot disease.”  While this fact is important, the why of…...

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