Phase 2 Female African Habitat

The Stalls Are Going Up For Kenya!

The stalls are going up at Kenya’s future home! This week the panels that have been welded are being put up to form the interior stalls of the African barn. As the panels are being lifted, positioned and secured, more are being welded. Stalls going up means we will be…...

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The New African Elephant Barn is Horse Tested and Approved!

Frederick decided to test out the new African Elephant Care Center today. Scott showed me the picture and I asked who the pony was (there are real ponies at the top of the property) because it made Frederick look so tiny. As far as we know, he approves.  ...

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A Barn is Born

  Scott and I went down to the worksite to watch the last big cross beam lifted onto the African Care Center this afternoon. Technically it’s just metal and concrete but there’s this uplifting feeling as you come around the corner and see the structure reveal itself. We know Kenya will be coming…...

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