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How Many Mangoes Are Too Many?

How many mangoes are too many? Well, when your yard looks like a mango minefield, you may be close. We picked up two backhoe bucket loads from one tree. If we leave them, they will simply rot and attract bugs. Of course we bring them down daily for Maia and…...

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Minnie’s Turn To “Help”

We talked about ‘Tarra helping’ in our post from October 5th. It was in regards to Bugsy helping, yesterday it was Minnie’s turn. Concrete was poured at the Asian barn, to create little patios at the fronts of the stall for training, since the girls don’t like picking their treats…...

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This Is Bugsy “Tarra Helping”

This is Bugsy ‘Tarra helping’. Dirt stalls are great, but they have to be dug out, cleaned and replaced. Although our girls are rarely in the barn, it’s still something that needs to be done to ensure the best foot and joint health. As Scott digs, Bugsy relocates his pile. ...

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