Side By Side And Ready To Be Fed

Maia and GuidaWhile sometimes we find Maia and Guida deep within the habitat and in different areas, like the video from yesterday, other days they are side by side and ready to be fed.

Sometimes people ask about the girls being apart, as if it is a bad thing. Them being comfortable not being next to each other all of the time isn’t negative in any way. Some of the elephants we have worked with would panic a bit if their friend walked off while they were napping. It was usually due to being insecure. Maia and Guida are both confident ladies who do love their time together, but are also comfortable wandering away if one wants a drink and the other does not or if they simply want to be somewhere else. 

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Finding Guida

It can be hard to understand what it’s like finding an elephant at meal time. Sometimes it’s very easy and other times it takes a little bit. This was dinner feed. Maia had already been fed, she could be seen from the hilltop. Guida was a bit harder, but Scott got lucky and stopped to listen in her vicinity.

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Guida’s Bright Eyes

GuidaNot wanting to be outdone by the cute Maia peeking through the bushes photo from yesterday, Guida showed she’s adorable as well. Although Maia’s photo had sweet squinty eyes, Guida’s has those bright eyes that show how full of life she is now.

Each absolutely perfect in their own way.

July 5, 2018
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Sleepy Girls

Some mornings the girls are really excited and other mornings they are like this. Although the beginning of the video looks like it is in slow motion, it’s not. Those are very slow ear flaps and slow trunk touches from two very tired ladies. And yes, the rumble at the end is Scott, not Maia. 

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Nighttime Shenanigans From Two Lovely Ladies


Scott’s papa is here for a visit and it’s forcing us to slow down a bit and take the time to enjoy our surroundings more. Last night we had dinner out on the porch. The almost full moon rises late this time of the year, it has a golden hue and is incredibly illuminating when it comes up and then seems to hang just above the hilltops for a few hours. It’s stunning, bright and incredibly peaceful.

Out of the quiet came a cute little trumpet. Not a big blast, a shorter trumpet that with Maia and Guida is generally a silly one. Of course you have to stop eating to listen in case there is another but it was silent again. A couple of minutes later came another, then a minute after that one more. Figuring the girls were being playful, you become curious about what exactly they are doing. Sometimes it’s literally nothing aside from enjoying each other’s company.

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Lovely Guida

GuidaLovely Guida coming out of one of her new favorite spots. It’s a cute little nook with a dense grouping of trees that provides a good bit of shade during mid-day and still has some vines left that she has yet to eat.

June 28, 2018
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