EleFact Friday: Sense of Smell

It’s another week of eleFACT Friday! You may already know that elephants have an incredible sense of smell, which is advanced enough to detect water sources up to 12 miles away. Scents go through the nostrils, which are located at the tip of the trunk, and then travel through a…...

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Cute elephant tushes

    We’re back for EleFACT Friday! Last week, we talked about elephant tusks. But have you heard of elephant tushes? It’s not what you think! Female Asian Elephants don’t have tusks, they have tushes, which are little tusks that seldom protrude more than an inch or two from the…...

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Elephants and Their Relatives

Happy EleFACT Friday! Every week, we’ll be sharing interesting and educational facts about the species that we all know and love. We hope that we can help you learn something new about not only the girls in our sanctuary, but elephants around the world....

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