EleFact Friday: Stormy Weather

Happy EleFACT Friday. We’ve shared with you about how our elephants react to the cold, but what about their behaviors during the stormy season?...

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EleFact Friday: Elephant Skin

Happy EleFACT Friday — today is all about elephants and their skin. The skin of an elephant can weigh as much as 2000 pounds (over 900 kg) and varies in thickness across their bodies. On vulnerable spots, like on the trunk, legs, and back, the skin can be 2.5 to…...

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EleFact Friday: Through the Eyes of an Elephant

We’re back for EleFACT Friday, and today is all about eyes. In the elephant’s retina, there are cones that specifically perceive red hues and others for green. This is referred to as “dichromatic” vision. In human eyes, there are cones for red, blue, and green, making us “trichromatic.” It has…...

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