An Afternoon Elephant Bath

One recent afternoon, Rana, Mara, and Bambi were in Yard 1 by the barn, while Guillermina was having part of her yearly exam done in the neighboring yard. Mara was standing at the water trough giving herself a drink and, since it was warm, we decided to turn on the…...

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Lady Enjoys a Cool Bath On a Warm Day

It’s no secret that Lady loves mud and water. She likes to squish her feet in the soft mud and splash herself to keep cool. As Lady headed out to one of her favorite spots in Yard 5 recently, Kat was watching to see if she would stop to bathe…...

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Sunday Smile: Bathing Beauties

Here’s a little bit of a fun “oopsie” from Scott. Bambi (left) and Mara (right) were getting a little bath and drinks from the hose, which they love. He tried to take a photo of the water spray and got their rear ends instead. We hope it makes you laugh…...

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