Happy 6th Re-Birthday, Maia!

Today marks six years since Maia and Guida became the first two elephants to grace our lives – and our habitats – at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. Since those early days, we have been on a journey together, from learning individual personalities, to watching Maia (and the late Guida) adapt to…...

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Happy 2nd Re-Birthday, Bambi!

It’s official: the lovely, rumbly Bambi has now lived at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil for two years. Watching her learn and grow has been a delight and an honor – particularly as we see her continue to emerge into the elephant she was always meant to become. ...

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P&G One Month Video

  Pocha and Guillermina just passed their one-month mark at sanctuary. While they still have much to learn about being an elephant, a herd member, and who it is they truly are when given the ability to choose, they have already come so far. Here is a look back at…...

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