african elephants

EleFact Friday: Taking Things In Stride

Because next week’s Giving Tuesday fundraiser will go toward the expansion of our female African elephant habitat, this week’s EleFACT is going to focus on some incredible things about the species. We’ve spoken before about some differences between Asian and African elephants, like the size and shape of their ears…...

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EleFact Friday: Playing It by Ear

Earlier this week, we talked about the difference between African and Asian Elephants. For this week’s EleFACT Friday, we’re going to dive into one of the major physical differences between the two species: the ears. ...

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How Do Asian and African Elephants Differ?

To date, all of our elephant residents have been female Asian elephants. But we do have elephants awaiting rescue that are female African elephants. Our first African elephant at sanctuary will be Kenya from Mendoza in Argentina, then Pupy and Kuky from Buenos Aires. In addition to the uniqueness among…...

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