Sunday Smile: Up Close With Maia and Guille

Have you ever tried to take a selfie where you and your friend are perfectly centered? It can be more difficult than you expect. This week’s Sunday Smile shows Maia and Guillermina side by side, getting their photo taken – and it seems like they’re perhaps trying to prepare for a selfie. Guille managed to get nearest to the camera, so perhaps she’s ready for her close-up today.

Maia (L) and Guillermina ( R)


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    Julie says

    Twinsies. It’s so wonderful these girls have each other.

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      Sara says


  2. REPLY
    Sandy says

    Take it again! Maia blinked!

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    María Elizabeth Alvarez says


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    Sheila says

    Oh u sweet big ladies……YES ITS ABOUT TIME U GAVE US A SELFIE🤩what r u girls up to today,?? R u going to visit with The PP3 LADIES?😄😄😀have a happy day ladies💞🐘🐘

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    Charlotte Hansen says

    What a gorgeous photo this is!!!!

  6. REPLY
    Terry says

    Not a selfie, but an Elfie!!!😁

  7. REPLY
    Tammy says

    Makes ya just wanna smooch em hug em and love on em! These girls are the most beautiful silly adorable sisters so happy they have each other they bring out the best in one another an amazing family for sure! 💞

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    JoAnn Merriman-Eaton says

    BFFS after a lunch out, trying to get a good selfie!!! LOV❤️E it! The spiked hair doos going on is priceless.

  9. REPLY
    Carey says

    Lovely lovely pic, thank you!

  10. REPLY
    Ginger L Peck says

    I’m so happy that Maia is developing a relationship with Guille! She’s been “lost” for so long. I wonder if part of it has to do with the grief they each have over losing someone they deeply loved and were attached to? They literally feel each other’s pain and can relate to each other in ways the others cannot.

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