Sunday Smile: Sharing Is Caring

Apparently finches and roosters can live harmoniously side-by-side. Here, a beautiful Saffron Finch hops around cheerfully, sharing food at the barn with Giba, one of the roosters here. Just another moment at sanctuary where animals come together and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.


  1. REPLY
    Charlotte Hansen says

    So sweet! Love you all!!

  2. REPLY
    Rachel says


  3. REPLY
    Cintia Abney says

    Wow how pretty the Canario da Terra (Saffron Finch) sharing snacks with Giba 🥰

  4. REPLY
    Katie Howard says

    Awww! 🤗

  5. REPLY
    Wim says

    Non-humans can teach us a lot compassionate lessons.

  6. REPLY
    Angie Gibson says

    May every day be filled with a kind friend and lots of yummy food🥰
    Life is sweet at GSB❤️

  7. REPLY
    Debbie Sides says

    This is lovely. They have pure hearts

  8. REPLY
    Anita J says

    This is so so sweet! I watched it few times already..:-))) very light, heart warming viewing…:-)

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