Sunday Smile: Rana’s Choice of Headwear

Yesterday, we showed you Lady’s version of a natural head covering. For today’s Sunday Smile, we wanted to give you a peek at Rana’s take on a sanctuary-style hat. Instead of hay, she’s chosen a clump of grass as decoration. Rana is clearly an innovator in the elephant headwear movement.


  1. REPLY
    Barb says

    Gorgeous choice for a hat! Perfectly placed on Rana’s beautiful head!

  2. REPLY
    Sue says

    Could she be any more adorable??? NO!! 🥰❤️🐘❤️

  3. REPLY
    Gillian Gandy says

    That is beautiful Rana so original ❤

  4. REPLY
    Johnny says

    Oh Rana! I’m speechless.

  5. REPLY
    Sandy Crile says

    Rana’s hat looks like the fancy “fascinators” that the English ladies wear! So stylish!

  6. REPLY
    NANCY LOGAN says

    More of a fascinator!

  7. REPLY
    Terry says

    Rana is such a fashion Diva!!! Just love, love, love that girl!!!

  8. REPLY
    Tracy H says

    That’s the cutest most stylist hat I’ve ever seen one of the girls wear and wow she does wear it well. Love me some Rana

  9. REPLY
    Tracy H says

    Who is scratching their bum in the background? Love this photo

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      Miss Mara 💜

  10. REPLY
    Heidi says

    Absolutely adorable. Thank you for the smile!

  11. REPLY
    Zoi says

    She’s just the best!!! 💖💖💖

  12. REPLY
    Alana says

    She is a trend setter.

  13. REPLY
    Raven Black says

    Absolutely fabulous darlin!!!
    Yassssss Queen! You werk that grass gurl! LOL!
    How can you not totally love her?! ❤️😍❤️

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