Sunday Smile: A Quick Snooze With Maia and Bambi

This week’s Sunday Smile is a gentle celebration of the bond that’s growing between Maia and Bambi. In this video, it was after breakfast and Maia got a little sleepy, as she tends to do after a good meal. Instead of wandering off, Bambi followed Maia to a shady spot where they could both relax. Bambi dusts while Maia tenderly touches Bambi with her trunk. As Scott says in the video, life is a great big party for them right now – they’re just choosing to party quietly at the moment.


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    Terry says

    This budding friendship is so dang cute and beautiful. I have seen elephants using their trunks to hold anothers tail. Is this a common behavior?

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      Kat Blais says

      it is usually a trained behavior. most elephants don’t appreciate having their tails touched much.

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    Eileen says


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    Diane Kastel says

    The rumbling sound is divine!

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    Audrey says

    I love the throwing of grass over themselves to keep cool.
    Such beautiful elephants 🐘🐘

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