Sunday Smile: Mara Enjoys Her Snacks

Here’s a special Sunday Smile for all of Mara’s super fans! She’s savoring a meal, carefully curated to make sure she gets the maximum possible delight (and nutrients) from what she’s eating. May you all get the same amount of enjoyment from your own afternoon snacks!


  1. REPLY
    Susan Flewelling says

    I never cease to be amazed at the dexterity they have with their trunks!

  2. REPLY
    Mónica says

    I love so much, sweet Marita!!!!!
    Keep smiling flor a long long time!!!😍😍😍😍

  3. REPLY
    Alejandra Enquin says

    Divina Mara como disfruta sus golosinas se siente tan bien por suerte y se la ve Feliz tranquila y” sin moros en la costa ” o sea segura que Rana Bambi o Guille no la” ayudaran” a terminar su comida😉💚😁🍉🍊🍍👋😘😘😘🐘💖

  4. REPLY
    Carole Kramer says

    Wonderful slurping sounds as Mara gets her snacks on! 🤣🥭🐘🥭❤️🐘💜

  5. REPLY
    Lisa Sisson says

    Love the sounds!❤️

  6. REPLY
    Jeanine Sahulka says

    I enjoy all of these videos.❤️

  7. REPLY
    Patricia says

    Mara, you are a darling angel from heaven. Love and smoochies to you! 😘😘😘

  8. REPLY
    Merry says

    The ears!!!!

  9. REPLY
    John says

    I love how much you are attentive to and “spoil” them. They deserve such care, for sure.

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