Sunday Smile: Guille and Bambi

This week’s Sunday Smile shows a growing closeness between two elephants. Guillermina’s relationships with the other elephants are deepening and becoming stronger as time goes by. As you can see here, their relationship includes close tactile affection, which is part of a trusting and loving relationship. Rana looks on from behind Guille and Bambi. It seems that Guille is learning more about how to be a friend and co-exist with her fellow herdmates in a lovely and casual way. 



  1. REPLY
    Carey says

    Wonderful, what a combination of patience and willingness to learn can do. I need to learn from that ;D And in a ridiculously short space of time for Guille!

  2. REPLY
    Barbara Holtz says

    It’s nice to see that the elephants there at Global Sanctuary are looking after and helping Guille to mature into a normal, healthy elephant. God knows, she came with lots of baggage that her mother put up with. This is great news for Guille.

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