Sunday Smile: Dusting With Pocha

As you probably know, Pocha and Guillermina have loved dusting themselves since their first day at sanctuary. This is still true; both of them enjoy playing in the dirt and getting the exfoliating benefits it provides. In this video, Pocha is taking the opportunity to enthusiastically give herself a nice coating of dust, while Rana and Guille stand behind her doing their own thing. We think we’ll let her do the dirty work and stay as clean as we can!


  1. REPLY
    Kayle says

    This is such a great video! Thank you!❤️

  2. REPLY
    Katherine says

    Lovely Pocha

  3. REPLY
    Pam says

    Seeing Pocha so happy and contented … what a gift to the soul. Thank you, GSE.

  4. REPLY
    nancy crider says

    So satisfying to see the joy Pocha takes in her dust bath after being deprived of this simple, natural behavior for so many years. Dust away, Pocha!

  5. REPLY
    Carol Anderson says

    Kind of hard to dust oneself when you have only concrete. Pocha is making up for lost time by dusting often.

  6. REPLY
    Karen says

    I love how Pocha has been able to just let Guilla go about with the other girls, getting schooled etc. A much more natural herd mentality. Pocha looks so calm and happy.

  7. REPLY
    Carey says


  8. REPLY
    John says

    Their trunks are amazing. Any time you want to do another Friday Fun Facts about the elephant trunk would be fine with me! 🐘

  9. REPLY
    Liliana says

    Maravilloso video! Gracias por mostrar a una Pocha feliz después de tantos años de cautiverio en un recinto de cemento.

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