Sunday Smile: A Romp in the Pond

This Sunday Smile showcases some extra playfulness courtesy of Guillermina and Bambi. It had rained the day before and in the afternoon, those two had been acting rambunctious and started leaning and pushing on each other in the pond. There was lots of trumpeting and rumbling, and by the tone you could tell that both elephants were being extra silly. 

It is good for Guille to have a couple of playmates, like Bambi and Maia, who like to roughhouse in ways similar to hers. Bambi is a good communicator most of the time, but Maia’s decisions are definitive and don’t get questioned. On this particular morning, Bambi must have been in the mood for a wrestling match courtesy of the young Guillermina.


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    Carey says

    Bambi seems to be a very playful Aunty! when I first saw them playing rough I was a bit nervous for her as Guille seemed the stronger, and maybe too youthful or inexperienced with others to know her own strength, but she clearly does and only goes so far. Yes both of them obviously enjoy it and as you say it’s great she has two friends yet both different.

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    Debbie Sides says

    Happy silly girls having fun in their mud bath🥰

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    Terry says

    Bambi has a lot of extra energy and will certainly give Guille a run for her mud slinging antics!!! You go girls!

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    Maureen says

    Such joy! It’s so wonderful to watch them play, something they were denied for most of their lives. Guille, as the youngest, is getting a chance to really explore and experience being a kid. She has some wonderful Aunties who are so great at teaching her boundaries but still allowing her to be a kid and joining in to play!

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    John says

    Wonderful! Elephants are amazing. Such exuberance and playfulness!

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