Sunday Smile – A Brave Mockingbird and an Ambivalent Tagu

Some days, the wildlife here can be as engaging as almost any television show or movie. This particular afternoon, a Chalk-Browed Mockingbird decided to take on a resident Tegu, native to South America. Though the bird is overmatched in size, she has no shortage of self-confidence. The bird was likely guarding a nearby nest, but the Tegu seems completely unbothered and likely more interested in the nearby produce. The interaction is short lived, but priceless.


  1. REPLY
    Carol says

    That is amazing. She was soooo brazen!!! Lolllll

  2. REPLY
    Suzanne Eaton says

    Wonderful nature and instinct kicking in to protect the young. Sentient beings at their best. I’m happy to see the UK naming the octopus and crabs as sentient beings.

  3. REPLY
    Patricia says

    Holy smoke, I love animals! The tegu was so chill and that mama bird is so feisty. Hugs to all life at ESB!!! xoxoxo

  4. REPLY
    Patricia says

    Replying to Suzanne Eaton–ME TOO! I am a BIG cephalopod fan and also a crab fan–and not to eat. xo

  5. REPLY
    Debbie Sides says

    Awe I love this. She’s so fierce and the Tegu is like whatever. Where’s my produce?😄

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