Stunning Miss Guida

GuidaStunning Miss Guida mid ‘happy flaps’. This evening she was enjoying her photograph being taken, but sometimes it seems she would rather you not. It’s subtle, she doesn’t get aggressive or cranky, there’s just a slight shift. She is the first elephant that I’ve worked with who just sometimes seems to not appreciate it. Most are fine with it and the ones that aren’t, really aren’t. 

Most of the time she is good with it, gets a little silly or cheeky and seems to appreciate the attention. Other times she gets a touch quiet and if you put the camera down, she goes back to a more ‘normal’ Guida. It’s not that she wants you to leave, she just doesn’t seem to want you to take photos. And of course, we obey.

We’re not sure what it is on those rare days, but this is sanctuary and it’s her prerogative to decide it’s not a good picture day. She’s beautiful and perfect every day, so there are plenty of other times to get a good shot of her.

September 27, 2018


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