More Steel Means More Fencing, Which Means More Elephants

Nope, not elephants, but it’s exciting nonetheless.

Today we received two truckloads of steel. More steel means more fencing, which means, more elephants. This steel will be split between a 20-acre expansion for female Asians and the inside of the female African barn. 

Some of you may be wondering why we are continuing to expand the Asian female habitat. The reason is that there are six additional female Asian elephants that can come to sanctuary, and for this, we need a bit more space. Since this area will join the new 40, 1/3 of the fence is already done. 

Steel is expensive, by far the largest part of our budget, but it is what is needed to build durable fencing that allows the elephants the freedom to wander wherever they choose without human interference.

Thank you for helping to build their future with us.

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