Space, Diversity & Freedom of Sanctuary


We’re taking a little break from the behavioral posts of the past week, but wanted to share this photo of Rana from the other day. We have been talking about the emotional and social side of what sanctuary offers elephants, but this photo shows the other part: an elephant lost in nature- the space, diversity and freedom that sanctuary embodies.

Since Rana has arrived at sanctuary, her spots have been mostly covered by mud and dirt (as should be  ). During a nice downpour yesterday, Rana was all washed off and her lovely spots came through.

Rana loves the rain, getting excited as soon as the wind starts to pick up before a storm rolls in. Each day brings a new level of joy with her.

January 6, 2019




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  1. REPLY
    Bobbie Stasey says

    If freedom is captured in a portrait, a moment, this is it. A deep sigh of contentedness spreads, imagining the pure joy dear Rana is experiencing within her true Self, totally unencumbered.

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    How wonderful to get excited about a simple thing like rain!!!
    It reminds me to relax and remember the simple things in life!!
    I love you, Rana.

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