Simple, Silly, Yet Sweet Photo of Pelusa

Pelusa at La Plata ZooA simple, silly, yet sweet photo of Pelusa. Suz sent me this photo the other night saying Pelu was practicing for sanctuary. I looked at the photo and had no idea what Suz was talking about, I jokingly told Scott that she was working too hard.

Suz explained that Pelu heard that everyone loves when the other girls wear their hay hats, berets and bangs, so she was trying it out. Funny thing is, Pelu never throws hay on herself. She dusts with sand, but never tosses hay, so this was a first. Pelusa got a tiny bit on one part of her head, but the rest all landed on her neck. With the rest going in her mouth, which brings a different level of joy all together.

Pelusa is such a love, it’s hard to look at her and not be grateful to have a chance to bring her to sanctuary, to offer her an elephant family and a real home. She has always been a heartbreaker, but for us, not just because of what captivity has done to her, but because of how strong you feel her in your heart when you think about what her future will bring her. We all await the day we can bring her home to Brazil and her sisters.

Please continue with positive thoughts, prayers and love to help get Pelusa through her time of waiting on CITES approval. 



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    Susan says

    I love these updates so much. I cannot imagine the love you feel for these elephants that you have gotten to know. My heart is bursting and I have never gotten to see them. Pelusa is so special to me. I adore her in her tiny hay hat. Waiting on CITIES makes me crazy. I do not know where you get your patience but I am glad you have it. You are my role model learning to accept since I cannot change this process. Looking forward to seeing Scott in November at the PAWS conference in Burbank . Will Kat be coming? Adore you all – sending so many blessings. So grateful to Suz for taking care of Pelusa’s special spirit. Wish I was wealthy but I am here for you as much as I can be. Much much love to you all.

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      Kat Blais says

      Thank you Susan, for the sweet words and for letting Pelusa into your heart. She truly is a special lady. We have our moments when we can’t understand why things take so long, but we take our cues from the elephants and try to remain patient with things we know we can’t do anything about. I (Kat) will not be going to the conference. Hopefully Pelusa and Ramba will be here by then, and because of Pelusa’s dedicated care and health, one of us will always stay at the sanctuary. That can change once they are more settled, but because of Pelusa’s health, that will take some time. So you get Scott and me only in spirit. 😉

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