No, this is not a plug, but it does happen to be a favorite motivational treat for the girls with new or ‘difficult’ behaviors. Fruit Loops are the ‘big guns’ we pull them out for blood draw or if any of the girls have a sore spot that we need to address during foot care. And some initial introduction time with Lady. We always keep them in stock for when the need arises.¬† Ongoing Need.



One unit donated on 5/23/20 by Terry Newell

One unit donated on 4/8/20 by Dianna Johnson

Three units donated on 4/3/20 by Nancy Baker

One unit donated on 4/3/20 by Robin James

One unit donated on 4/2/20 by Ellen Horvath

One unit donated on 4/1/20 by Louise Smith

Two units donated on 4/1/20 by Diane Davidson

One unit donated on 3/20/20 by Raven Black

One unit donated on 2/28/20 by Gina Baglivio

One unit donated on 2/9/20 by Jilliann Peryam.

One unit donated  1/10/20 by Robin Anderson

One unit donated 12/24/19 by Isabelle Forde

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Two units donated 5/6/16 by one of Ramba’s devoted anonymous supporters