Blackstrap Molasses


5 gallons

It was actually quite a project to find unsulfured blackstrap molasses in Brazil. Now that we have, aside from having a little celebration, we need to stock a few bottles. This is something that is used to mix in the elephants’ grain to allow the addition of other much-needed supplements. The elephants love the taste, but it also provides many minerals including iron.   Ongoing Need. (1st batch of a dozen bottles underwritten by the Molasses Mavens)



One bottle purchased 5/23/20 by Terry Newell

One bottle purchased 5/14/20 by Dan Thorsen

One bottle purchased 4/6/20 by Katie Milano

One bottle purchased 4/4/20 by Ben Starks

One bottle purchased 4/2/20 by Ellen Horvath

Three bottles purchased 4/1/20 by Carol Prestiano

One bottle purchased 4/1/20 by Louise Smith

One bottle purchased 4/1/20 by Diane Davidson

One bottle purchased 4/1/20 by Penny Griffin

One bottle purchased 1/27/20 by Barb Wilson in honor of April Barnswell

One bottle purchased 1/26/20 by Ellen Caley

One bottle purchased 1/10/20 by Robin Anderson

Four bottles purchased 1/8/20 by Terry Newell in memory of Mary and Fay

One bottle purchased 10/25/19 by Terry Newell

Three bottles purchased on 10/22/19 by Cyrann Castle

One bottle purchased on 5/16/19 by Kristina Nordlin

One bottle purchased on 10/15/18 by Gail Dalby

Three bottles purchased on 9/4/18 by Zoila Flores Montufar

Twelve bottles purchased on 7/17/18 by Robyn Messina

Two Bottles purchased on 7/17/18 by Ann Williams

Two Bottles purchased on 7/10/18 by Susan Hunt

Four bottles purchased on 5/10/18 by Terry Newell

Five bottles purchased on 12/15/17 by Elizabeth Kane