Sanctuary For All

“Sanctuary for all” it’s a beautiful thing. This is how the rainy season begins each year- trees full of mangoes and macaws. In the beginning it’s green winged macaws, then it shifts to blue and gold macaws, with a couple of weeks with both. They are on the property during the dry season as well, but they are spread throughout the habitat eating palm nuts and some of the other native fruit trees.

They literally do this all day, it’s quite charming. When it’s time to switch trees they swoop away, going out over the hillside, diving down and then coming back to a new tree. There doesn’t seem to be a purpose for the flight, outside of fun.

It’s startling how much more colorful and radiant they are in the wild. This isn’t surprising, but it’s striking when you watch them. They are noisy, but the chickens wake us up way before the macaws arrive. The chickens have an appreciation for them because they generally take 2 or 3 bites of each mango then drop the rest- chicken treats. And yes, the chickens do know enough to run when they hear them dropping.

Just another little piece of our happy little sanctuary bubble.

September 19, 2018


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