Sanctuary Elephants are Wild at Heart

Each elephant at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil has her own unique story and has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to reach the place they are now – physically and emotionally. Where once their homes were zoos and circuses, they now live in a vast space filled with as many elements of the natural world as possible. But, because of their previous life circumstances, they will never have the opportunity for a life that is truly wild. Sanctuary offers the closest thing that captive elephants will ever know to what they should have had since birth. That’s why our end-of-year campaign is focusing on the life that sanctuary brings; the elephants might not have had the opportunity to grow up in their native homes, but here at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, they are free to be Wild at Heart.

When we think about this concept of sanctuary providing the closest thing captive elephants can have to their natural environment, the story of Maia and Guida comes to mind. As many of you know, the two elephants didn’t get along when they were together at the circus. Both lived a life on short chains with little room to move around, let alone roam. Once the two of them arrived at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, however, their lives changed. After only one night at ESB, the two had begun to repair their fraught relationship. Their bond went from one of discord to one of respect and true love. We credit their bravery and willingness to open up and forgive as part of their recovery and relationship. But there is no doubt sanctuary played an integral part in their miraculous friendship. For the first time in their lives, they were free to be Wild at Heart.

This fundraising campaign is a testament to every single individual elephant who lives – or has lived – at the sanctuary. When you hear the girls’ stories, it’s sometimes difficult to believe the depth of their recovery. With every donation you make, you will provide elephants like Maia and Guida with a chance to flourish and find themselves. We hope you will consider a gift to help elephants by embracing the idea that, once they arrive, they are in the best possible environment for them. At sanctuary, everyone is allowed to be truly Wild at Heart.


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    Amen 💞 God bless all our beautiful girls

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