Sadness with Moments of Lightness


As I look at Maia I think that never before have I so clearly understood not wanting to feel alone, but at the same time, not wanting company. She’s such a good girl, and we’re so proud that she is processing how she needs. She continues to walk the line of sadness with moments of lightness. Morning seems to be a little tougher for her, but she is hanging in there. And Rana continues to protect her space from the parameters of Maia’s comfort zone. 

July 1, 2019


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    Susan says

    This is so heart breaking and painful. It is so unfair that she has lost her friend. Only time and distractions will help. Bless Rana for her sensitivity to the situation. Life is hard. 🙁

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    Shirley Read says

    So glad she has many loving friends,bless you all.

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    Carey says

    Thank you for your update , my thoughts are with you all

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    Sherry says

    Lots of attention and love for Maia will help her!

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      Kat Blais says

      Not always. We’ve seen elephants who clearly want space and those that need constant companionship. Maia initially was showing that she wanted more space, from humans and elephants. We check in throughout the day, because sometimes her mood would shift. But now she seems to be more engaging, so we’ll offer her more companionship until it seems she has had her fill. Rana seems to be moving forward in a similar fashion, reading Maia’s needs in the moment, offering lots of space, but engaging when Maia decides she doesn’t want to be alone. It’s hard not to put our own desires on them, but they let you know, so it’s about observing their mood and response and giving them what they are asking for and need instead of what we may feel would be best. The hard balance of being a caregiver. 🙂

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    Kelejan says

    Kat and Scott, you are so understanding. Bless you for it.

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