Room to Roam Fundraiser – Last Chance to Give

As the year is coming to an end, we wanted to thank all of you who have given to and shared our Room to Roam campaign, which will allow us to expand the female African elephant habitat. Kenya, Kuky, and Pupy will join us soon, and the expanded habitat will provide them with the needed space to heal and grow. 

Amazingly, in just over four weeks, you have all come together and raised about $125,000 of our $382,444 goal. As a young organization, our growth determines the number of elephants we can offer sanctuary to. Time and time again, you have stepped up and given, growing the sanctuary from one barn and one yard, to three individual habitats with a combined eleven yards. This development will allow for the rescue of both elephant species and genders. None of this is possible without you. Your support has built their home. We couldn’t create this space without you, and we are forever grateful that you continue to believe in a life of sanctuary for elephants. You, as a community, come together and make it possible to welcome new and wonderful souls in need of healing.

We will continue to fundraise until we reach the goal for expansion, but this is your final chance to make a donation for the 2021 year. We know many of you have already donated, and we are very thankful. For those who have not, or would like to give an end-of-year gift, please donate to be part of the continued growth of Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. Even if the goal is not reached, we will use whatever funds are raised to purchase steel and begin construction, once the current phase of the male Asian habitat is completed. The sanctuary, like most of us, is a constant and forever work in progress. 

Photo of Kenya at EcoParque Mendoza


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    Alejandra Enquin says

    Felicitaciones Scott y Kat por todo su amor y trabajo en pos de la mejor calidad de vida de nuestros amados elefantes💖🐘💚🐘💖Gracias a toda la comunidad que somos como una familia.🥂🥰👋

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