Photo: Mara at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil


A very exciting morning for Mara and Rana!



We hope you will continue to follow Mara as she begins her new life at sanctuary in the company of her new sisters.


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Mara at sanctuary!

Mara and Rana
Mara and Rana
Mara and Rana
Rana and Mara

Mara on her journey

Wednesday:  Getting ready to hit the road!

Tuesday: As the sun sets.

Tuesday: Drinking from the hose.

Tuesday: More fresh-cut goodies for Mara!

Tuesday: A rainy afternoon. Volume on!

Tuesday: Team Elephant Sanctuary Brazil

TeamMara catching up

Tuesday: TeamMara catching up.

Team EcoParque Buenos Aires & Scott

Tuesday: Team EcoParque BA and Scott


rescuing during a pandemic

Tuesday: TeamMara (partially) say cheese!


Tuesday: A rainy afternoon.

Tuesday: Mara loving her palms!

Tuesday: fresh palms for Mara!

Tuesday: Scott started the day with a live feed.

Mara's move sunrise

Tuesday: beautiful start to the day.


Monday: Mara is doing well!

Monday: Stopping for supper along the road.

Monday:  Mara with Scott at the border.

Monday:  Mara crossing the border!

Mara's Move

Monday:  Mara crossing the border!

Mara's rescue

Monday: Mara’s Brazilian police escort ❤️

Sunday:  listen to Mara happy-talk to her keepers!


Sunday: a break and a snack

Sunday: on the road in Argentina

Mara's rescue

Sunday: on the road in Argentina

Saturday: Mara leaving the ecoparque

Saturday: Mara loading up at the ecoparque

credit: EcoParque Buenos Aires

Mara at EcoParque Buenos Aires


If we haven’t answered your question here, please feel free to contact us at

Why aren’t you flying Mara?

Flying Mara doesn’t cut down on the transportation time.  We can’t fly into any of the airports closest to the sanctuary because of the size of plane that would be needed, the length of the runway, the weight that the runway has to be able to support, and the legalities of the rescue team having to fly into an international airport because Mara is coming from Argentina.  Additionally the capacity of the handling equipment and the agricultural importation restrictions. With all of those complications and the added costs (in excess of $400,000 for the flight alone), we could fly her but it won’t take any time off the transport because we can’t fly her close to the sanctuary.  She would have to fly into Sao Paulo, which still means several days by truck to get to the sanctuary.   The only reason we flew Ramba was because there was no way to safely transport her by truck over the Andes Mountains.

How long is the journey?

The 1710-mile (2760 km) drive from Mara’s current location at Ecoparque Buenos Aires, Argentina to the sanctuary will take 4-5 days.  We hope to once again have the help of the Brazilian police to make the ground transport within the country as smooth as possible.  This trip is almost the same distance as Rana’s was.

Will Mara’s ecoparque caregivers be going with her?

Yes, in addtion to our rescue team led by Scott Blais, Mara will also be accompanied by some of her current caregivers and vet.

Will Mara be sedated for travel?

No. We never sedate elephants for transport. Because of their sensitivity and intelligence, we have found they do much better when they are alert and aware of everything going on around them. Scott has transported over 35 elephants in his career, none were sedated, and all went well.  We do bring with us an emergency medical kit that does include sedatives in case they are needed for some reason along the way, but we have never had to use them.

What training is required?

Mara has already been trained for the testing that will take place during her 30-day required quarantine. She is being introduced to her transport crate (the same one used for our other rescues) during her quarantine. but as many of you saw who followed along with Rana’s rescue, it generally takes only a few days for them to become acclimated.

When will she meet Maia, Rana and Lady?

As always, we mostly leave that up to them. We like to give new arrivals at least one night to rest well after their journey before we begin introductions. It will depend on how Mara is doing and how she feels, along with where Maia, Rana and Lady are and how interested they are to come to meet their new sister. Everything functions on their time- no expectations, no set schedules.